Trade Form

-- TRADING POLICY: I am very easy to trade with if you want anything in my keeping all you have to do is ask. The worst I can say is "I don't want to trade that card yet." THANK YOU

-- TRADING OPTIONS: I am now using easyTCG, so that the cards will be automatically be moved in the "PENDING" section.

-- CONTACT OPTIONS (in terms of order I will most answer it)
* Email me at
* Leave a tweet at @minatcg
* Forum Trade Thread Section (links to the ones I have are down below)
Forum: EMPTY

-- I will try to respond to trades ASAP but please give me at least a 1 WEEK, staring on the day you sent the form.

-- Please spell out card names COMPLETELY. (ie. do NOT type cardname01/02; DO type cardname01, cardname02)

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